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R & D Direction

bt种子搜索Research and Development is a crucial element that enterprise relies on to grow and survive. According to continuously research and develop along these years, our company have a rapid growing and sustain to research new market area.

bt种子搜索1. Develop high platform voltage, high energy density, low self-discharge rate and long cycle life battery.

2. Develop thinner and smaller cell and also can be customized in different size and shape.

3. Consistent performance and high discharge characteristics.

4. Low internal impedance and high safe performance.

5. Excellent capacity retention for long time storage.

Technology Map.jpgCell Road Map.jpg

Successful Case


KAYO developed a UPS back-up battery for a Norwegian customer and gain entry to the company’s supplier systems.

24V 100Ah LiFePO4 cells with balance charge.


bt种子搜索KAYO developed a robot battery for a Chinese company and gain entry to the company’s supplier systems.

bt种子搜索ICR18650-22000mAh-7S10P-25.2V (SAMSUNG cells), with CAN bus protocol and dynamic balance charge.


KAYO developed a fiber splicer battery for a well-known Korean customer and gain entry to the company’s supplier systems.

ICR18650-6000mAh-4S2P-15.2V (LG cells)


KAYO developed an infusion equipment battery for a well-known French customer and gain entry to the company’s supplier systems.

bt种子搜索KPL654169-3S1P-2000mAh-11.1V with Balance charge


bt种子搜索KAYO developed a heating shoes pad battery for America customer and got a quite lot of order. It is a customized product, we offer configuration designing and developed plastic mould, and we have a good cooperation till to today.

bt种子搜索KPL543450-1000mAh-3.7V got UL certification.


KAYO launched the Mobile Power with TFT display it is earlier to use this material than any other’s manufacturer in the area.


KAYO developed and produced home power station battery, and had a good reputation in Japan market.

bt种子搜索At present, KAYO has launched the home power station with 5KWh, 2.5KWh, 1KWh and 0.5KWh. All of the energy storage cells are lithium polymer battery (PSE Approval), input mode for AC plug-in input, and output for 100V AC. In order to use for the family and office more convenient, we added into the PLC control system that can be operated by touching screen.


Long Cycle Life Battery Series

Kayo specialized in researching electrode material characteristic, optimizing battery production process parameters, controlling battery manufacturing processes strictly. We developed excellent cycle ability lithium ion polymer battery.

bt种子搜索— Cycle Life: ≥1000cycles with 1C charge / discharge

— Capacity Retention: ≥90%

–The battery widely applies to industrial battery, likes Back-up battery, Storage Energy System.


bt种子搜索Super-High Capacity Mobile Phone Battery Series

It has become trend to use lithium ion polymer battery as mobile phone battery. BP-4L is popular after its launch. We released the items successfully as BP-4L.

bt种子搜索— BP-4L-1500mAh

— KPL534868-2200mAh

bt种子搜索— KPL4L504160-1500mAh


KAYO research on solar energy storage battery

bt种子搜索KAYO researched the solar storage battery by using lithium-ion batteries with high capacity, long cycle life, high temperature performance and good safety performance type. Meanwhile KAYO use BMS to control batteries’ voltage, current, temperature and control the solar conversion devices.


KAYO concerns on self-owned intellectual property protection, so we apply for patent certifications for the new developing products.

— Application No.: ZL 2015 2 0031961.9

KAYO water-proof battery

bt种子搜索— Application No.: ZL 2015 2 0029910.2

KAYO emergency power supply

bt种子搜索— Application No.: CN201330231915

KAYO Mobile Power: Model No. S12 (KAYO Branded)

bt种子搜索— Application No.: CN201330215140

KAYO Mobile Power: Model No. M9 (KAYO Branded)

— Application No.: CN201220619846

Integral Mobile Power

bt种子搜索— Application No.: CN201230537503

KAYO Mobile Power: Model No. X1 (KAYO Branded)

bt种子搜索— Application No.: CN201230537450

bt种子搜索KAYO Mobile Power: Model No. X3 (KAYO Branded)

— Application No.: CN201230537451

bt种子搜索KAYO Mobile Power: Model No. X2 (KAYO Branded)

— Application No.: CN201220340488

KAYO combined type battery pack

— Application No.: CN201230136259

KAYO Mobile Power: Model No. S2 (KAYO Branded)

— Application No.: CN201230136336

KAYO Mobile Power: Model No. S1 (KAYO Branded)

— Application No.: CN201130434009

KAYO Mobile Power: Model No. M2 (KAYO Branded)

— Application No.: CN201130434278

bt种子搜索KAYO Mobile Power: Model No. M3 (KAYO Branded)

bt种子搜索— Application No.: CN201120359727

bt种子搜索KAYO PowerStation

— Patent No.: 201130023014.2

KAYO Mobile phone external battery

bt种子搜索— Patent No.: 20102061646.9

bt种子搜索KAYO Mobile Power with surface tempered glass